Maybe I said something to piss off the computer.
However, the virus the history in the making. I am currently reading a doctor’s paper in the 1918 one. For somebody that wrote and collected data in such a way that was a first in that way. He was fighting his own war all the time believing that maths would help the world because that’s what it is made of. I ground his writing factual and questioning he really was a man who saw the big picture. Before the pain got to him. His writings Dr Niven should be read. I describe him as a number person (like figures well he did collect them and science used them to stop another lol) as he was but what he saw in his time was so bad his humanity shone through. The nurses who worked tirelessly he mentioned so much I would image him at a desk writing with a brandy or ten crying at his loss and realising how people can reach out. I can now only say this cos I read it every day in the fake pandemic. Was he the first to write numbers? I can not find on line another flu who’s to say the figure are the same but we say they died of pneumonia or heart attack. The data is a big question. Why did they bury the 1918 pandemic? Was all the pandemics basically down to the poor dying because they were ill and died of starvation? Not able to work. I am trying to find acceptance in the grieve chart now. Yes, this is about class race etc This is horrible. \Its not the fact its how we react. But how we can react to what we read. Come on now they decided to not let people to read cos then they are in control. Guess what we learnt how to read so they upped their game and feed us what to read. What we read is data they choose to feed. They will always rule us. Greed will always prevail. The greed will knock a few off the perches when the ecomany dies. The roaring 20s is near my thoughts. We can not stop a virus but we can not line a rich person’s pocket. We will never could we be as selfish as them Its easy to order off amazon. I’m stupid I was thinking a virus and death would change a world… We have been there before bringing up the next war then cos that’s what happened last time. Any way this will go away soon. Normal is a question but I have feeling we will use all that pent-up energy for world war three.